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AHT’s all-aluminum liftgate saves money and fuel resulting in significantly reduced CO2 emissions!

AHT’s all-aluminum liftgate saves money and fuel resulting in significantly reduced CO2 emissions!

Since 1989, AHT has played a pioneering role in the innovative use of aluminum. to achieve fuel savings, CO2 reduction and vehicle payload utilization.

AHT is currently the only company in the world to build liftgates entirely from high-strength aluminum alloys. All load-bearing parts and also the hydraulic cylinders are made entirely of corrosion-resistant aluminum. These liftgates are characterized by extremely light weight and long service life. The aluminum used does not require any special treatment and is also insensitive to stone chipping (no rust).

The AHT all-aluminum liftgates are 100 to 180kg lighter compared to a steel-aluminum construction.

Many other advantages include: no rusting hard lines, easily adjustable-sliding flanges, precisely adapted power unit, and micro-valves on small series productions.

Save money, fuel and CO2 emissions!

The AHT all-aluminum liftgates are 100 to 180 kg lighter compared to steel-aluminum construction.

Many other advantages: no rusting piping, easy to adjust sliding flanges, exactly adjusted aggregate, micro valves for small series.

Due to the lower dead weight of the liftgate, 0.6 L fuel or 0.9 € is saved per 100 kg weight reduction and per 100 kilometers driven.

Possible savings

For series up to 750 kg capacity – weight saving 100 kg:

500,000 km x 100 kg x 0.6 L/(100 km x 100 kg) x 1.50 €/L = 4500 €

Financial profit min. 4500 €

For series up to 1500 kg capacity – weight saving 180 kg:
500,000 km x 180 kg x 0.6 L/(100 km x 100 kg) x 1.50 €/L = 8100 €

Financial profit min. 8100 €

Environmental sticker

In order to make this contribution, which is so crucial for the environment, visible to fellow human beings, AHT has developed an “environmental sticker” that will clearly mark every solid aluminum liftgate with immediate effect.


Savings potential in Austria

Assuming that 20% (46,000 trucks) of the trucks registered in Austria would be equipped with the lighter AHT all-aluminum liftgates considerable savings could be achieved.

Vehicles up to a total weight of 3.5 tons:

CO2 reduction of 369,840 tons 

Fuel savings of 138,000,000 liters of diesel = 207,000,000 €

Vehicles over a total weight of 3.5 tons:

CO2 reduction of 665,620 tons

Fuel savings of 248,400,000 liters of diesel = 372,600,000 €

Compare - but do it right!

When comparing weights with steel/aluminum models, it is essential to pay attention to details. A comparison with a 750kg load capacity competitor product shows that the steel cylinders, the power unit in the sheet steel housing, and a 2kW motor alone already add 55kg to the weight.


Additionally, the 100 kg weight difference on the AHT all-aluminum liftgate is a result from the use of extruded aluminum for the structural parts.

The total weights published by AHT include the oil filling of the power unit, two cables for connection to the battery, underride guard and the complete mounting hardware.

Other manufacturers often do not include these items in their published weight specifications!

A couple of lifgates made by AHT

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