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AHT liftgates with hybrid drive - Technology that excites!

Hybrid drives are beginning to establish themselves as a complement to gasoline and diesel enginesUntil now, these systems have essentially been limited to passenger cars. Even though opinions differ on the energy-savings potential of hybrid vehicles, the second, available energy source function is not in question.

Based on this, AHT engineers have adopted the advantage of a second, available, energy source in hybrid drives for liftgates.

Currently, if the trucks power supply fails due to poorly maintained batteries, burnt out motors, starter switches or solenoids etc., the driver faces a common problem: the liftgate can no longer be operated by the vehicle battery, no matter in which position.
This leads to even greater problems if the load is consisting of perishable food, refrigerated or frozen goods.

Such financial loss is something that can be avoided with the AHT hybrid drive!

As simple as logical!

AHT presented liftgates driven by hybrid technology for the first time worldwide at the IAA in Hanover in 2014.
If the pressure in the hydraulic system during unloading of the liftgate is higher than in the compact high-performance accumulator, the excess energy from the hydraulic circuit is automatically stored.
This means that a second source of energy, available independently of the vehicle battery and absolutely reliable in operation, is available without the use of battery power.

Depending on the size of the accumulator and truck, there may be enough energy to load or unload an entire truck.
A selector lever for hybrid mode is located on the hydraulic power pack next to the accumulator control display.
If a truck’s power supply fails, the vehicle can be loaded and unloaded with the energy from the second source.

In no-noise zones or for night delivery, the silent hybrid drive is an excellent alternative with considerably high efficiency. 

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